About us

Erinys Iraq is a risk management services company licensed by the Iraqi Ministry of Trade (Registration Number CD/2168) and the Ministry of Interior (Company Number 56) to operate as a Private Security Company.

Erinys values the contribution of our local Iraqi work force. Over 90% of all our employees are Iraqi, many of whom have worked for Erinys for many years. Erinys understands the success of any project is based on the support of the local communities in which the project is based. As such, Erinys seeks to employee the majority if not all of our security personnel from the project specific areas as well as sourcing our logistical requirements from project specific local businesses.

With on-going operations in Iraq since 2003, Erinys Iraq has developed incomparable southern Iraq expertise in the provision of security services. Erinys employs Iraqi national and international personnel and has permanent offices in both Baghdad and Basra. Erinys Iraq specializes in risk mitigation, security consulting and a wide range of security services which span the planning, design and implementation of comprehensive, turnkey, technology and manpower security solutions. Our customer base includes international oil companies, oilfield services providers, EPCMs, drilling, exploration and logistics enterprises, foreign embassies, NGOs, government ministries and commercial organizations.

Erinys Iraq security services include:

  • Static Site Security
  • Mobile Security
  • Close Protection
  • Explosive Detection Dog teams
  • Security Consulting
  • Embedded Security and HSSE Managers
  • Security Systems Design, Installation and Maintenance
  • Media Protection
  • Specialist Training
  • Security Management
  • Risk Advisory and Information Services


Erinys Iraq approach:

Erinys Iraq success is based on three key principles followed in all of our operations and projects:

Community Involvement

Erinys believes the success of any security project begins with establishing good relationships with local authorities, communities and tribal leaders. Our Iraqi management understands this and values the contribution of our Iraqi employees and the communities in which we work. This approach has allowed us to operate successfully in some of the most volatile areas of Iraq.

Emphasis on Training and Supervisory Involvement

Erinys Iraq believes it takes far more than a weapon and uniform to create an effective Guard or Close Protection operator. All Erinys Iraq employees are carefully vetted before undergoing a rigorous training programme to ensure they have the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully perform their duties. We also do not believe that training is a one-time event. Erinys provides all our personnel with continuation training to ensure their skills remain current and that they are equipped to deal effectively with the prevailing threats. Our training regime includes Rules for the Use of Force, Weapons Safety, Roles and Responsibilities, Defensive Driver Training, Search Techniques, First Aid and a range of courses for specialist skill sets.

Emphasis on Health and Safety

With its harsh environment, threats to safety and difficult working conditions, Iraq can be a challenging landscape in which to operate. Erinys Iraq makes the security and safety of our clients and employees our first priority. Our personnel are trained to follow tried and tested Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and policies. They are encouraged and rewarded for reporting any potentially dangerous operating conditions irrespective of the issues that may arise. Continual improvement in every area in which we work is mandatory as we adapt our SOPs to meet changes in the local work environment or regulations.

Erinys actively supports the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights, a framework that provides standards for companies regarding safety and security of operations while upholding basic Human Rights. Erinys Iraq values its Iraqi workforce and respects their rights and those of local host communities. We operate in compliance with local legislation, industry best practice and encourage training and development to ensure our employees and local communities benefit both professionally and financially from their relationship with us.

Notable projects executed:

  • US Army Corps of Engineers -  logistical/security support, Iraqwide
  • ANHAM - security services, Iraqwide
  • Lukoil Middle East Limited -  Mobile and static security services, West Qurna 2 OIlfield 
  • Lukoil Overseas Exploration - Mobile security services, Block 10
  • Petronas Carligali Iraq BV - Mobile and static security services, Garraf Oilfield 
  • Petrochina - Mobile and static security services, Halfaya Oilfield
  • CNOOC - Mobile security services, Buzurgan Oilfield
  • KOGAS - Mobile and static security services, Baghdad
  • Siemens - Mobile and static security services, Iraqwide
  • ABB - Mobile security services, Iraqwide
  • General Electric - Mobile security services, Besmaya
  • Wood PLC - Mobile security services, North Rumaila oilfield
  • OilServ - Mobile security services, Iraqwide
  • ILF Consulting Engineers - Security and support services, Iraqwide
  • WEIR - Mobile security services, Iraqwide
  • Al Majal Business Park - Static Security Services, North Rumaila
  • Consolidated Contractor's Group - Mobile and static security services, North Rumaila
  • Embassy of the Republic of Korea - Static and mobile security services, Baghdad
  • German Embassy - Mobile Security Services